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Presure gauge brand schuh technology ukuran 4 "koneksi bawah penuh stainless 1/2"

A pressure gauge is a measuring device that serves to measure a fluid pressure that can be either gas or liquid, in a closed tube. For the measurement unit itself, it is known as psi or pound per square inch, there are also psf or pounds per square foot, mmHg or millimeters of mercury, inHg or inch of mercury, bars, to atm or atmosphere.

The pressure gauge itself is used to monitor each air and gas pressure in an air compressor, various vacuum equipment, process lines, medical gas cylinders and fire extinguishers. Not only is it able to show visual measurements, a pressure gauge can also be specifically configured to finally provide an electrical output.

Various types of pressure gauges based on their functions


-Industrial Pressure Gauge

Usually has a material in the form of stainless steel which is specifically designed for industrial needs such as oil and gas, fuel, chemical manufacturing, to other manufacturing industries. This industrial pressure gauge is perfect for measuring without having to block the pressure system of the device to be measured.

-Process Pressure Gauges

One of the advantages of the process pressure gauges is their resistance to extreme environments, one of them in the world of the petrochemical industry and the like. So don't be surprised if the process pressure gauges are most often used for the oil, gas and other chemical applications.

-High Precision Gauges Test

Usually used for industries that require detailed and accurate measurement or calibration such as laboratory trials and the like. High Precision Test Gauges are usually also assisted with digital reading technology to avoid fatal errors in reading the existing scale.

-Differential Gauges and Duplex Pressure Gauges

Specially designed for use in the oil and gas industry, alternative fuels, chemicals, and air handling industries. Both differential gauges or duplex pressure gauges, both of which can measure three types of pressure, namely high pressure, low pressure, to static pressure.

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